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Life and Breath

Honoured to be speaking with Suzanne and Kate about the energy of these times and the benefits of homeopathy in helping us manage these powerful transformative energies.

Celebrating Life & Breath: Support to be healthy, well and calm in these times

About this Event

Practical advice to support you to reduce anxiety and improve your health and well-being.:

  • Suzanne is a Chakra Balancing Intuitive & Soul Plan Reader, who will open space to discuss and honour our sense of grief and bereavement at this time of change, in order to open up the full potential of our flow of life and health.
  • Marek is a Homeopath, who will share helpful remedies for the current climate, exploring how the energy of these times has expressed through the lungs, which are our connection to life.
  • I am a Holistic Nutritional Therapist and will be diving into the magic of our cells and cellular health with simple ways to support our immune systems now, and build resilience for the future.

There will be time for questions and interaction and we welcome your involvement! We look forward to connecting with you - 2pm, Sunday 24th May.


Meeting ID: 786 7573 4037

Password: 0J4Srr

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