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    Energy Medicine for Woman, Man and Child​


    Benefits of Homeopathy


    Homeopathy treats the cause of ill health and resolves your symptoms


    You will feel better in your self- physically, emotionally, mentally + spiritually


    Homeopathic medicines are safe even in pregnancy


    There are no side effects- totally natural


    This is Soul Medicine restoring Our Connection to the the Divinity of our Human Spirit



  • Woman

    Every Woman has her own physical and emotional way of dealing with symptoms. Homeopathy is individualising medicine, totally customised for you and your needs.

    It looks at how you experience your symptoms; when they started; what you were experiencing at that point in your life ; evaluating you’re susceptibilities and sensitivities; you’re psychological profile and any factors that influence and block your road to recovery.


    Supporting You through Menopause

  • Man

    Homeopathy can help Men deal with stress, anxiety and depression during challenging times.

    Mid-Life can be a difficult time with unresolved issues from the past surfacing to be faced and delt with so one can live a more fulfilled life.


    Supporting You through Mid-Life

  • Child

    Homeopathic medicine is ideal for babies and children because of its gentle and effective nature. Many parent's are turning to homeopathy as a first line treatment for chronic conditions.


    Supporting Your Child through Infancy to Adolescence

  • Testimonials

    I don't know what I would have done without the birth remedy kit. The remedies Marek recommended helped with my feelings of of fear before and during the labour and helped to heal my bruising. Now baby is being helped with colic symptoms using homeopathy and cranial osteopathy. Thank you so much as baby is sleeping much better. Mother & Baby

    In December 2010 I developed cellulitus on my both legs while travelling to Australia. I was given very strong antibiotics and steroids. On return to England I was prescribed antibiotics and steroids every month. The pain, the swelling and the rash that was oozing every month was a real scary thing. After 6 months of the symptoms not getting better I decided to try homeopathy. Marek was very positive that we would be able to help me. He prescribed me a few pills and I was taking them for a few weeks. To my relief cellulitis has never returned and I am so grateful to Marek for finding the right remedy for me. AR Women's Health

    Just wanted to write to say Thank you once again for treating Abigail.

    I can't put into words the changes that have occurred since, as it difficult to describe the powerful influence homeopathy seems to have had. I will try to get over to you the whole picture. But want you to know that the changes or healing energies have been felt on a completely different level to that which words are simply insufficient ! Child 7yrs old Kidney issues

    I came to see Marek because my daughter suffered from recurrent ear infections and again after a quick consultation with Marek and taking the remedy, we experienced a miracle ! My daughter was better after a few hours!!!!

    When I told my girlfriends they wouldn't believe that it was the homeopathy and said it was the calpol and it's not possible to treat ear infections with out antibiotics and within a few hours.

    But it's true. Homeopathy works and I recommend you try it. Our body has a power that can heal itself if only we let it.

    Child 3 yrs old Recurrent Infections

    I have greatly benefitted from Marek's awareness, wisdom, bell like clarity and bullseye precision in prescribing the right remedy.

    Many thanks Melanie Williams Women's Health

    Marek prescribed a homeopathic remedy for me the night I found myself suffering from a sudden and very frightening attack of acute symptoms from a UTI. I cannot get over how quickly the pain diminished with homeopathy - I was ready to go to A+E I was in so much agony and blood in my urine. Everything cleared up within 24hrs -Magic ! HF Women's Health

    I came to Marek at a time of great difficulty in my life, both professionally and personally, not knowing what to do. With the greatest compassion, Marek took his time to listen to all my problems before giving any sort of diagnosis. Not only did he have the deftest of empathetic touches, he crafted his words carefully enough that it resonated with me. Usually, when following energy medicine, I find it can run the risk of going into the woo woo, with me rolling my eyes and discontinuing. But he was anything but that. He took his time with his diagnosis. Once he “figured” me out and gave his prognosis, I was gobsmacked with how accurate it was. I would, without question, recommend Marek, if you need homeopathic diagnosis, guidance, prescription, and a way forward. Rahul Men's Health

    My daughter has more energy, has become more responsible and much more open. Her behaviour has greatly improved for the better. Thank you so much for your help and ongoing care.

    Teenager 14 yrs old Lack of energy and anger


  • Your Dedicated Global Homeopath


    marek- krzysztof BSc (Hons) MNWCH

    Independent Homeopath governed by Bio- Ethics Law Minister of Divine Law Trust

    I have always been interested in medicine and after studying Biomedical Sciences at Bradford University, working in medical research and sales and marketing for the pharmaceutical industry, I became interested in a more holistic approach to health and disease. What inspired me to study and practice homeopathy was when I saw how my baby daughter was treated by a homeopath and the incredible response she had to the remedies.

    Homeopathy is a way of life for our family as it celebrates the energetic laws that are the foundation of nature and our human existence.

    Homeopathy it is not only a medical science but also an art that treats the human being as a whole without the side effects of conventional medicine.

    I trained at the North West College of Homeopathy and I’m now in my 15th year of practice.

    My love lies in understanding our human experience of health and dis-ease and how the source of homeopathic remedies can help us recover balance in our lives on all levels- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

    I look forward to being with You on your Dynamic Healing Journey.

    Marek -Born in England of Polish origin, fluent in Polish

  • Your Consultation

    Consultations via Zoom/Skype


    Standard of Care

    In terms of my personal commitment to clients, I aim to offer :

    • Thorough empathetic consultations that focus on your individual needs;
    • Regular support and guidance, with regular discussion, explanation and review of your treatment plan;
    • Advice on referrals when required, on self-help and on other forms of support available.

    Your well-being and peace of mind is paramount to me. I ensure the highest standard of care.


    What happens in the treatment sessions?

    Your first appointment will consist of a detailed assessment of your main complaint that you want to have treated and also we will need to know about other, maybe less pressing, complaints you also experience.

    In order to find the right remedy for you as an individual, I will need to know all about you and how you experience your complaint, so there is a lot of information to gather.

    To help us in this process we ask you to fill out the evaluation questionnaire, which we will email to you to bring to the first consultation.

    Anything you say will be treated in the strictest confidence. I require your authorisation to discuss matters with someone else.

    All information is stored securely in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998


    The first consultation lasts for 1 hour.

    What you will also find is that you will feel much better just by talking through your issues- it gives you the space and time for you to express yourself and connect with your inner world..

    My work as a homeopath is then to analyse your case and come up with a remedy that fits your symptom picture.

    An individual treatment plan is provided for each client.


    Homeopathic Remedies


    Remedies are purchased by the patient at your Homeopathic Pharmacy and also can be broadcast to you by Radionics.



    It is very important to stick to the appointment times.

    48 hours notice of any change to or cancellation of appointments is required.


    Acutes and First Aid

    It is important to remember that if you catch a cold, have a headache, get diarrhoea etc that we can help you with treatment. It is wise to have your own homeopathic kit at home,



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