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Homeopathy for Mother + Baby

· Mother and Baby

Homeopathy can be a great benefit to mothers recovering from birth; homeopathic remedies are given for healing bruises, breast-feeding problems, mastitis, cracked nipples, post natal depression and increasing energy levels,. Homeopathic medicine is ideal for babies because of its gentle, side effect free nature. It can build and maintain a strong immune system for a child and with this raised immunity can help deal with illnesses throughout childhood.

Pregnancy + Childbirth

Homeopathy is safe to use during pregnancy for both mother and baby. It is very effective for relieving common symptoms like sciatic pains, vomiting, heartburn, piles, varicose veins, constipation, fatigue and anxiety in pregnancy. It can also be used during the actual birth to assist in labour; homeopathy can help weak or irregular contractions and help mother's with feelings of fear before and during labour.


Babies and Children respond well to homeopathy, as their vital energy responds quickly when given the right homeopathic medicine. Homeopathy may help with colic, teething, eczema, ear infections, frequent colds, asthma, tonsillitis, childhood diseases, vaccination advice and behavioural problems.

If you would like to discuss a more natural approach for your health and your family, please get in touch.

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