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"I have been suffering from severe peri-menopause symptoms ranging from prolonged sleep deprivation due to hormonal insomnia which lead to adrenal fatigue, joint pains, uterine bleeding for nearly 4 months and uterine endometrium hyperplasia, mood swings, ups and downs bordering suicidal obsessions due to sleep deprivation.. This has been going on, with various degrees of toughness for 6 years despite various herbal treatments that do help but not really enough and some allopatic attempts which have failed as my body rejects such chemical approaches.

I saw Marek for only 2 sessions. First one, he worked straight at the root cause of my pituitary gland and on other levels of my being. This stopped the on-going bleeding at last and lifted my dark and angry moods. A few months later, I saw him again, still in a state of exhaustion, and severe lack of sleep. This new treatment is proving to be god sent. My adrenal glands slowly started to calm, with it, low levels of cortisol, I started to feel human again. Then my brain felt it could understand sleep again. Slowly this is definite progress in my ability to sleep and stay asleep. My energy levels are improving and I am now able to be quite active again. My moods feel stable. All this after 6 years of real struggle.

I love the unique way in which Marek works. He is super intuitive, flows, deeply connects to who you are. He is full of life, wisdom and not only suggests homeopathy but any other changes that could help alongside his treatment. He deeply cares for his patient, for what is going on, his goes deep within not just to reach into his knowledge but his intuition, his deep soul. This is unique. I highly recommend." SM London

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